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Our Process is Simple

Step 1: Conversation

The most important part of your story is YOU. The second most important part is WHY. We help figure out the best way to tell your story through conversation with yourself and close family. Your family can request specific questions to be asked if you wish. 

Step 2: Interviews

You tell your story through a series of interviews. These can be held on your property, in a park, or wherever you are most comfortable. We have over 125 questions that we ask, including: What is your ancestry? What were your parents like? If you could speak with them today, what would you talk to them about? Who was your teenage sweetheart? What was your experience in the war like? How has the world changed in your lifetime? How did you meet your spouse? What are your grandchildren like? Is there a message you would like to leave with your family? And many more!

Step 3: Editing, Revision, and Finalization

We work with you to condense the hours of footage into a clear and concise story with a beautiful message. We produce multiple edits of a video until you are completely satisfied with your story. Lastly, we deliver both DVDs, USBs, and online copies to share your memories to your heart's content. 

Step 4: Addendums (optional)

Although your memories are now documented on film, this does not mean your entire story is told. If there are more stories to include, just let us know! We offer a reduced rate for past customers!

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