Sample Questions

What is your name, when were you born, what year is it right now, and how old are you? 


Where did your parents and family come from? If you could spend one day with them, what would you talk about?


Where were you born, where did you grow up, and what was it like being a child?

How has the world changed in your life?


Do you have siblings and what are they like?


What is one thing you liked to do as a child?


What were your teenage years and 20’s like?


What is one thing your liked to do with your friends when you were in high school?

Who were the romances of your life?


Tell me about your children, grandchildren, and family, etc… What would you like to say to them?


What is one thing you like to do when your children were young?


How were your 30s and 40s like? What did you like to do?


How were your 50s and 60s like? What did you like to do? 


What is the happiest memory of your life?


What was the hardest part of your life?


Tell a story/joke/memory.


What is a motto or quote you like to live by and why?


What would you like to say to future generations?

Tell your story!

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