Countless Ways to Tell Your Story

Wisdom Package - $2500

A beautiful 30-minute video biography with up to 2 people


5 hours of collective interview time

Unlimited images

Up to 5 personal home videos

Complete with your favorite songs and music

Unlimited online copies, 2 USB copies, 2 DVD Copies

The perfect gift to give your spouse, parents, grandparents, and grandchildren.

Renaissance Package - $5000

A beautiful 60-minute family video biography with up to 5 people in the video


10 hours of collective interview time

Unlimited images

Up to 10 personal home videos

Unlimited online copies, 5 USB copies, 5 DVD copies

The perfect gift for the entire family.

Bio-in-a-Box (NEW during Covid-19!) - $1000

A beautiful video slideshow crafted from your favorite 200 home photos and videos

How it works:

1. We drop off a disinfected, opaque black container at your home.  

2. You fill the container with photo albums, picture frames, old family videos, etc...

3. We collect the box and scan your images to create a stunning video from your memories.

The perfect gift for future family gatherings, wedding anniversaries, important birthdays,

and to remember the good times in the age of Covid-19! 

Vacation Package - $750

A stellar home video commemorating your travels, made from the photos and videos from your vacation, study abroad trip, or road trips.


All videos and photos from your trip (you can help us decide which to keep!)

Up to a 30-minute video

Unlimited online copies, 2 USB copies, 2 DVD copies

The perfect gift to reminisce on the good times. 

Photo Digitalization - Call or email for a free quote

Each of us has hundreds, if not thousands of old photographs that are losing quality and color every day. Digitalize them today to ensure richness for eternity. 


Digitalization for photos, videos, music, and others. 

We can make your items shareable so the whole family can see

Optimized for you favorite viewing device (your computer/iPad/phone, etc...)

A perfect gift if someone is moving into a retirement community or planning on organizing or downsizing their physical photo collection!

Custom Package

Our team of video editors and interviewers can meet any budget and work with any deadline. If none of our packages fit your needs, please let us know and we will accommodate any wish.  

General Computer Help - $20/hr 

Do you have any questions regarding phones, computers, storage, or the cloud?

Contact us today and we can help answer any question!

Tell your story!

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