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Gramps and I

Hello! My name is Trevor Jackson. I created T. J. Biographies to record and present the lives of senior citizens in a way that their children, grandchildren, and all future generations will cherish and appreciate. Why? My dad passed away when I was eight years old, and I always wished there was a video of him talking about his life and our family. I decided to direct this energy in a proactive manner: first, to record the lives and stories of my own grandparents, and second, to share this gift of memory with others.


I like to help people preserve their memories on film because the medium captures the essence of a person in a way that a written biography cannot. A video biography not only captures one's appearance and voice, but also their jokes, excitements, laughs, and nostalgia. A written memoir used to be the only way, but it's 2021 now! We should be using the technology of the day to leave a legacy our ancestors could only dream about! Because of this, I work with individuals, retirement communities, and even some local businesses to share their stories. 

When I am not working, I like to spend my time hiking the trails of San Diego, tending my garden, reading history, golfing, playing rugby, brewing beer, cooking, biking, fishing, camping, playing guitar and trumpet, and spending time with my grandparents. 

I look forward to meeting you!

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